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All of our hosting servers are hosted in a premier Data Center in Toronto, Canada.  Currently the Data Center is supplied by a 2000 mbs (2-GIG-E connections), which is about 36 times faster than a home dial-up connection.

The data center has connections to many different Internet backbones including Qwest, AT&T, Level3, Genuity, Time Warner and Yipes.  By connecting to multiple tier 1 backbones, the data can be distributed through many sources.  This architecture also means that the network connections are not dependent upon an single Internet backbone. Thus when problems occur, traffic rerouting is automatic, thereby ensuring the integrity of the network and continued access for our high-speed servers.

A good internet connection is only effective if the servers are running smoothly.   Therefore, our servers are built with only the highest quality parts.  The specifications on our current servers are:

          Dual PIII 1.26 GHz
          1 Gig of RAM
          36 Gig SCSI drive

Note: All of our servers are Linux based.
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